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Currently, Chrome is the alpha leading the pack of browsers. Though once in a while there arise some insurgents like Firefox trying to oust it as the top browser, but it is safe to say that title is firmly with Chrome right now and in the foreseeable future.

Chances are high you are reading this on a Chrome browser; be it an Android, iOS, Linux, macOS, or Windows device. Chrome is the browser of choice for most people for a number of reasons; it is fast, customizable, and comes with plenty of extensions just to mention a few.

However, there is always a tweak you can make to your browser to bolster your reading/viewing experience. In these post, we are going to share with you some of the best tweaks you can do to Chrome to improve your experience.

How to Zoom In, Zoom Out on Chrome browser

Open the Chrome browser, and click More button (the three dots running down) on the top-right most part of the browser

To Zoom In, click the ‘+’ button. To Zoom Out, click the ‘-’ button. To use it in full-screen mode click the icon which looks like parentheses running vertically in Windows, and the two arrows facing outwards diagonally in macOS. If you love keyboard shortcuts, then:

To Zoom In

  • On Windows, Chrome OS and Linux, press Ctrl and +
  • On macOS,  press and +.

To Zoom Out

  • On Windows, Chrome OS and Linux, press Ctrl and
  • On macOS, press  and -.

To view Full Screen

  • On Windows and Linux, press F11
  • On macOS, press ⌘ + Ctrl + f
  • On Chrome OS, press full-screen key located at the top of your keyboard (named F4)

Setting up Webpage Sizes for Chrome on Windows and macOS

Chrome gives you the ability to change the page size of the webpages you will be visiting on your computers. This ability helps to streamline your webpages reading experience. However, some websites do not allow browsers to change the size of videos or images, in such instances, this ability will not work as it should.

#1 – Launch your Chrome browser, click the More > Setting > Appearance.

#2 – From here, you can now set the Font size, Customize fonts, and set the Page browser

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