Zoom Wireless Rolling Out Its High-Speed Broadband Services In Kenya

Zoom Wireless Rolling Out Its High-Speed Broadband Services In Kenya

Zoom Wireless has announced its plans for entering the Kenyan market after a successful launch in neighboring Uganda. The Internet Service Provider (ISP) will provide affordable, uncapped high-speed Internet services to both businesses and residences in and around Nairobi.

The Eastlands areas of Nairobi, which have largely been left out by the current ISPs operating in the city, is said to be among the first areas to benefit from the Zoom’s Internet connections. The firm is working in collaboration with EveryLayer (formerly known as Volo Broadband) to provide Internet services at speeds ranging 1-9Mbs for corporate customers and between 521kbps, 1-3Mbps to residential customers at 50% of the prize charged by the currently operating ISPs in and around the City.

Zoom Wireless also says that its Internet connection services will not come with usage caps. The firm says it is looking to transform how people stay connected, do business and consume digital content via the Internet.

The ISP is also to have a special working relationship with local universities, and hotels among other institutions. Zoom is providing its cloud-based and the custom-managed Wi-Fi networks services to such institutions.

The firm deployed such a network and cloud-based management system in Uganda dubbed Gulu Uganda. Zoom Wireless accomplished that undertaking by partnering with the San Francisco-based EveryLeayer, which was tasked with designing and deploying the system.

The ISP has also set up a fiber-backed, carrier-grade Wi-Fi network in Uganda that delivers affordable, fast and unlimited Internet connection to NGOs and SMEs. In Uganda, Zoom Wireless offers bandwidth packages such as the Zoom Access services with Internet connection speed from 512Kbps to 3Mbps meant for residence consumers and SMEs. It also has the Zoom Corporate Access with speeds of up to 9Mbps (symmetrical) meant for a big organization.

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