15 Best Mac Games Ever (Download Links)

15 Best Mac Games Ever (Download Links)

Mac gaming is growing in popularity rapidly. You will find plenty of exciting games on Mac app store related to strategy, adventure, action or puzzle. Games are available for virtually any kind of gamer. This post will provide a brief review of some of the best Mac games ever.

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Wasteland 2

This is one of the most successful kickstarter titles that builds inspiration for the Fallout sequel of games. It is not all about bullets and blades. It contains some challenging missions to fulfill.

Divinity: Original Sin

It is also a great RPG that will keep your attention for a long time. You have a rich world to explore, interesting story, humorous writing and characters, and unique co-op mechanics.

Diablo III

This game carries irresistible addiction for gamers who love sword and sorcery action games. You will enjoy pure 3D view of the action.

The Binding of Isaac

This game is a great amalgam of “roguelike” role playing games, full of action. The game is highly unforgiving and twisted.

The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings

It is a great roleplaying game and it is part of the Witcher sequel that was originally launched on PC in 2007. Both games are actually based on the famous fantasy novels written by Andrzej Sapkowski.

Baldur’s Gate: Enhanced Edition

It was a famous roleplaying game of 1990s. It sets the standards for all the latest RPGs. The complex storyline and supporting characters are quite enjoyable.

Dragon Age: Origins

It is probably the best roleplaying game for Mac ever released in the absence of Skyrim. It contains all standard RPG stuff. It offers much more depth as compared to the simple click-and-slash games such as Diablo and Dungeon.

Dragon Age II

This game is based on the fantasy world of Ferelden, but it shows a brand new cast of characters and a new storyline also. The hero rises from shadows to become a great champion.

World of Warcraft

This game is highly popular as a multiplayer online game, containing around 7 million subscribers playing as priests, wizards, warriors, and rogues. Blizzard released a Starter edition of the game that allows you to play it for free until your character gets to level 20.

Knights of the Old Republic

In this game, you have to play the role of last Jedi Knights, while leading an army of freedom fighters on plenty of missions across the planets. Some examples are the Sith home world of Korriban, and Tabooine.

Two Worlds II

In this game you have to rescue your sister who has been kept by an evil emperor. You have to break the prison for this purpose. It offers great challenges for users.

Colin McRae: Dirt 2

This game is purely designed for racing lovers. It offers great 3D effects and responsive high-speed speedy action.

FlatOut 2

The old-timer strategy of the game will interest you a lot in this game. It is a complete arcade game in which you have to smash literally everything.


This is the variant of the popular football game on Xbox. It also contains a new Impact Engine that affects the way players shove each other.

Let’s Golf 2

This game deviates from the technical Golf simulation, but it is a great family game. You can easily challenge yourself in the main Career mode.

The amazing collection of games allows you to spend your time in a fantastic manner on your Mac. This article has certainly presented some of the best Mac games ever released.

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