3 Reasons why Tesla Powerwall is Worth it in 2022

3 Reasons why Tesla Powerwall is Worth it in 2022

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Are you in the market scouting for a suitable Powerwall for your home? You have come to the right place. The Tesla Powerwall has a battery system that stores solar energy that can be used for backup purposes, increased energy needs, self-consumption among other needs. The Powerwall is not an energy generator. Its work is just to store power from solar panels or the grid for use when the main source of energy or electricity is out of service or on a cloudy day and at night. But the question is, is Tesla Powerwall worth it in 2022?

Energy stored in a battery can be used to double the amount of self-generated energy you need. Just like several actions we undertake to save energy, installing a Tesla Powerwall in your place has its own benefits. The reasons why you should make a step to install a Tesla Powerwall in 2022 are numerous, but bellow I will outline only three to get you going;

1. Independence in Energy Supply and Generation

It comes as a relief to have your own source of energy to counter the ever skyrocketing electricity bills that come from the main grid companies supplying energy. Besides you have a free roof space where you can install some panels for your own use. Sounds easy, right?

To keep check on your electricity bills and to eventually gain your energy independence, you will need a combined effort of your solar panels and a Tesla Powerwall type of home energy storage system.

In other instances, some people may wish to completely go off-grid, this they should only undertake after some careful consideration as explained in the Natural Solar blog post. With a Tesla Powerwall and a connection to the main-grid, there are many returns on investment by staying connected to the grid such as participating in a virtual power plant program (VPP).

For energy independence a solar battery is your best bet. By producing electricity off your own roof and walls, you are assured of a blackout-free energy source and reducing the greenhouse gas emissions. It also increases the value of a property by being seen as self-sufficient to new home buyers.

2. EV Charging and V2G Capabilities

Like the residential solar power backup systems, the uptake of electric vehicles (EVs) is steadily rising all over the world. It is an agreeable fact that an EV requires a considerable amount of electricity, but given your size of home, a properly done solar and storage system is enough to charge your EV without having to relying on the grid. You will both be saving money over the ever increasing petrol prices and also contributing in the elimination of carbon footprint in transportation.

Vehicle to Grid (V2G) technology works in that every EV is a mobile battery that when plugged in for charging brings about a highly sought for grid stability services. As more and more people are upgrading to EVs, those readily having a home energy storage unit are best placed to gain the most out of V2G, it’s one of the best reasons to combine solar and a Tesla Powerwall system.

3. Getting Paid for Your Solar Generated Energy

Typically, most homes require more electricity at night compared to the day.  By having a Tesla Powerwall, the un-utilized solar power is exported to the grid for some payment. By combining your solar panels with a Tesla Powerwall, your system will store the excess energy for night time usage. It ensures that you get the most out of your solar system by saving you money, eliminating electricity wastage, lowering your power bills and significantly reduce your carbon footprint. All these contribute to the allure of combining your home solar system to the Tesla Powerwall.

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