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4 Best Android Apps to Backup Photos, Videos, Data, Documents

Cloud storage has become a pleasant phenomenon in the realm of computing pretty quickly due to its robust design and utility. Almost every company, small or large; every user uses Cloud daily in one way or the other. If you are an Android user looking to use some best Cloud apps for backups for data, photos and videos, we’ve got you covered. In this article we will talk about the best Cloud apps you can use to get backups in Android.

Amazon Cloud Drive

The Amazon Cloud Drive is the best Cloud platform for mobile devices. You can make separate categories for media files like videos and photos. You will have to pay a yearly fee of $12, though. You can also get unlimited storage space with $60 per year plan. Amazon Cloud is fast, safe and secure. You can upload all your data, private or casual, without any fear of it being compromised. You can access all the data stored on Amazon Cloud with Android apps. You can also preview the data, photos and videos for quick access.


If you want tons of storage, and that too for free, Flickr is the best option for you. Flickr is a photo service owned by Yahoo, and it is a safe Cloud platform using which you can upload your data having space as much as 1TB. You can organize your photos and videos, add shades and filters, share them on social media. 1TB of space is hard to use completely, and this is the real charm of Flickr. Some new users however reported that Flickr interface is pretty confusing and the website adds weird black side bars on the photos, but hey! It’s 1TB for free! You can download Flickr app from the Android play store and start using it. But remember, you will need a Yahoo account to use Flickr.


No Cloud app list is completed without Dropbox, the best, mature and safe Cloud platform for mobile and desktop in which you can upload and save your data, music, documents, songs, photos and whatnot. You can access all this data across mobile devices. However Dropbox only offers 2GB of free space. Beyond that you will have to spend some dollars to enjoy the premium services of Dropbox.

Google Drive

Google is the juggernaut in internet and Cloud services. You can get 15Gb free space in Google Drive where you can save documents, photos and videos. You can buy 100GB extra just for $1.99 per month or 1 TB for $9.99 a month.

These are the best mainstream Cloud services you should use to backup your photos and data on Android. I would suggest no using less known services as Cloud security is vital and you don’t want your photos to be leaked or seen by others. If you have anything to add to this story, feel free to comment on this post.


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