The 4 Startups from Cameroon picked to join Activation Camp on the 2nd PITCH DAY 237

The 4 Startups from Cameroon picked to join Activation Camp on the 2nd Pitch Day 237

PITCH DAY 237, an annual program seeking to facilitate young startup entrepreneurs in Cameroon scale their operation, held its second edition on July 23, 2016.

The pitch competition took place at the ActivSpaces in Douala, Cameroon.

The following are the four lucky startups that were selected to join the programs’ Activation Camp.

iDJANGUI – This mobile app helps users with their financial transaction through a tontine setup.

Felicity – A platform where businesses and companies can easily trade with each other best methods to do trade, get customer loyalty, and even manage their promotional campaigns.

KEMI STORE – Targeting shoppers, this is an online platform where people can shop for products references from millions of other online stores and get the good delivered to them within Cameroon under 15 days.

OZI Press – Giving Cameroons the ability to view local newspapers on their smartphones or computers wherever and whenever, as long as they go internet connection.

The four startups were among a group of eight other startups that pitched at the PITCH DAY 237. They will be taken through the Activation BootCamp a $7,835 acceleration program run by ActivSpaces and Cameroon Angels Network (CAN).

Both Activation Camp and PITCH DAY 237 are programs by the African Center for Technology and ActivSpaces in partnership with the Cameroon Angels Network.

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