5 Best Basketball Games for Android

Basketball games are addictive and fantastic. Basketball fans love to throw that beautiful ball in the basket and try out new things with their favorite players in the virtual world. Android platform has come a long way since its inception. We now have advanced basketball games in which you can choose the players’ attire, court details, teams, build your player, go through a lot of levels and much more. Here are the best basketball games for Android. If you have an Android device, you can enjoy these basketball games.

Best Basketball Games for Android

NBA 2k16, NBA 2k15

NBA 2K16 was launched in the year 2016. It has all the latest game features. You will find the latest NBA listings, players, attire, shoes and courts. The best part of this game is the mobile-powered physics engine which makes the graphics of this game impeccable.

You have a new mode called “My Career” in which you can build your player from scratch and move it through the lifetime of different tournaments.

NBA 2k16 also has different songs of famous stars like DJ Khaled and Premier and Mustard.

NBA 2k16 is the advanced reiteration of the 2015’s version, which was also one of the best basketball games for Android.

The 2016 version is currently experiencing some problems like screen blackout and hangs. You can also check the 2015 version which is more stable and colorful.


This is an intensely popular basketball game. It has 2-on-2 arcade basketball mode where you can play with all the 30 NBA teams in Jam style.  There are also some multiplayer and online gaming modes. Graphics and game play are excellent.

Real Play Basketball

This is a great simulation of the basketball game where you can select players, dodge, run and score goals and do all the maneuvers you see in the real basketball games. There are many levels in this basketball game which are unlocked as you proceed.

There are twelve teams, 3D graphics, crown songs and much more for you to enjoy.

Stickman Basketball

All the ingredients of the best basketball games for Android are available in this game. You can control and maneuver players, manually control the run of the players and speed of the throw. There are more than 30 skills which you can use to win levels in the game.

There is a training mode too, where you can practice your skills .

Jam City Basketball

This is one of my favorite basketball games.  You can play freestyle, jam basketball. There are streets where random teams are playing basketball. There are excellent maneuvers available. The jam-dunk styles are awesome. With more than 30 moves and tricks, this game is one of the best basketball games Android. You can choose locations, dresses, ball and court types. There is also a shootout mode. You can challenge friends and players online

These are the best basketball games for Android. You can enjoy the basketball simulation, build teams and win tournaments playing these addictive games. Let us know in the comments which one you like the most.

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