5 Top Bitcoin Billionaires in 2021

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The soaring prices of digital currencies like Bitcoin in 2021 have attracted many. The value has soared beyond 64K USD. While other tokens in the digital currency market have witnessed some similar gains, the digital currencies’ capitalization seemed to have gone beyond 1.5 Trillion USD. Many of the large size organizations are now joining the bandwagon of bitcoin. The digital currency seemed to have now been listed over the balance sheet and several other companies like Tesla and Square. Bitcoin remains the world’s top listed company are not having the balance sheets for the same. Bitcoin now has become the successful digital currency of successful blockchain-based currencies as launched in the year 2009. We have some of the top investors in this domain who are now being counted among the top billionaires in 2021; how about checking them as under:

1). Chris Larsen

He is among the top billionaires who are into Bitcoin investment. His net worth is 2.9 Billion USD. He is a serial entrepreneur who is among the top in this life. He is the co-founder of the online lending company called Eloan, which was incepted in 1997, and in 2005, he embarked with a P2P Lender Company called Prosper. His third company emerged as the top and most valuable one apart from being controversial, which he founded with the groups like McCaleb and Ripple in 2012. He created the one in order to facilitate the global payment options for banks using Fitech or Blockchain technology, and the token is known as XRP. In 2018, the digital currency bubble was seen getting briefly pushed up with a fortune level of 17 billion USD. But we also saw XRP crashing up in the market as the bubble was seen burning up around three years before. Larsen was seen being called as a defendant in 2020 as per the lawsuit. One can find the SEC to be completely wrong when it comes to law and facts.

2). Michael Saylor

He is the CEO of a software-based company called MicroStrategy, and he remains at the top in this field. He is among the top executives found in the internet-based bubble and even was seen making it to the top for being the most eligible bachelor as well in the magazine called People. However, with the dot com bubble burst, he seemed to have got blows in his company. Therefore in 2020, he came up with an investment of 650 Million USD in Bitcoin, getting 70784 of it. He was able to draw 300 percent of the profit gaining big out of it that went on to gain huge. You can explore more on the Bitcoin Circuit App . 

3). Jed McCaleb 

The next man on this list is none other than Jed McCaleb, and his net worth is 2 Billion USD. At the same time, he remains one of the co-founders of McCaleb and has gained a majority of his money from a 3.4 B USD based company called the XRP Holdings. He was also able to gain one Billion shares of the company Stellar Lumens, which he founded with his partner to invest in digital coins in 2014 once he was seen in a feud with another partner. The stellar platform is called the open-source option having a decentralized kind of payment option that is only designed to handle both traditional and digital money.

4). Tyler and Cameron Winklevoss

These are among the Olympic players who are popular for being accused of Harvard student Mark Zuckerberg who came up with the idea of investing in social networking, and they did use the money to raise 64 M USD when it comes to managing from the legal settlements while dealing with the Facebook-based company called the stockpiling Bitcoin. This is yet to be owned with the 70K USD bitcoin giving the digital assets.

5). Barry Silbert 

The next man on this list is Barry Silbert, who has a networth of around 1.5 Billion USD. He remains the top man when it comes to investing in any trading platform that came with the Nasdaq in 2015. He was able to embark upon the digital currency group that is known to have five different companies. Now, it can be called the biggest revenue generator, though with good digital asset management called Grayscale.

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