6 Surprising Items You Didn’t Know You Could Pawn

6 Surprising Items You Didn't Know You Could Pawn

What stresses Americans out the most?

Is it family issues, unemployment, or health problems? Nope, it’s money!

In a recent study, researchers found that the number one thing stressing Americans out is money. To help ease their financial worries, a lot of Americans wind up pawning or selling items for cash. However, sometimes the things they sell are stranger than you’d think!

Read on to learn about 6 unusual you can sell to pawn shops.

1. RV Campers and Motorhomes

You can pawn an RV camper or motor home as long as they’re in good condition. If you’re pawning an RV, you’ll need to bring the RV with you.

You’ll also need to have the RV title, proof of insurance, and a government-issued ID. Also, don’t forget to bring the keys!

2. Pawn Phone Accessories

It’d be hard to live without your phone, but what about your old phone accessories? Phone cases, holders, and selfie sticks are all types of phone accessories that pawnbrokers will accept. Although to get the best payout, the accessories will have to be in great condition.

3. Gold Fillings

One of the weirdest things to sell to a pawnbroker could be inside your mouth. That’s right, you can pawn your cavity fillings, as long as they’re gold.

Individuals can remove their gold fillings, put them in a bag, and head to the pawnbroker. As long as the gold is real pawnbrokers don’t care where it came from.

4. Prosthetic Parts

Imagine it, you’re standing in line at the pawnshop minding your own business. When you notice the person in front of you has 1 less arm than they did a minute ago.

It’s then that you see it. Laying on the counter is the customer’s prosthetic arm. Sounds crazy right?

It’s not so strange when you consider the high costs of prosthetics. Pawnbrokers are more than happy to accept prosthetic arms, legs, eyes, and more.

5. Coin Collections

A coin collection can qualify for a pawn loan if you have the right type of coins. For instance, silver dollars, half dollars, and gold coins would all be acceptable.

To get the best price for your coin collection you’ll want to visit a reputable pawnbroker. Good brokers will advise you as to whether or not the coin has any value for its metal components. The pawnshop will also be able to check if you have any rare coins that are high-value items.

6. Used Sports Equipment

You can sell surfboards, football boots, golf shoes, and more to your local pawnbroker. One of the best things about pawning used sports equipment is that the pawnshop will know exactly what your equipment’s worth. 

To get the best price for your gear, you’ll want to thoroughly clean it before you take it in. The newer your equipment looks, the more pawnbrokers will be willing to pay for it.

Get Cash Fast

There you have it! 6 things people are pawning that you probably hadn’t thought of before. The next time you drive by a pawn shop, pop in and see what other weird things are there! For more articles like this one, explore the rest of this site.

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