900 Million Users Globally, but Telegram has Just 15 Employees

Pavel and Nikolai Durove are the brothers best known for creating the ‘Russian Facebook’ called VKontakte(VK) in 2006. The platform quickly became the biggest social network in Russia, but as fate would have it, Kremlin took a lot of interest in it. So much so that some equalled VK to KGB’s digital eye into people’s lives.

Privacy is an Increasingly Rare Commodity in the Digital Space

Digital technology has undoubtedly opened up a whole new world of instant possibilities. However, it is a double-edged sword, especially when it comes to privacy. Bad state agencies and other fowl digital players are piggybacking on digital technology to gain a never-before-seen level of access to individuals’ and businesses’ private affairs.

Out of the struggle to stop being a Kremlin’s microscope for prying into people’s private affairs, the two brothers Pavel and Nikolai, in August 2013 founded Telegram. The duo built the social messaging app with a strong focus on privacy and encryption.

Telegram Business Model – Privacy Above Everything

Telegram’s business model is remarkably different compared to, not just VK, but also other popular social media platforms like Facebook Messenger or WhatsApp. The brothers say the platform.

Pick any cybersecurity-savvy individual you come across, then ask them between Messenger, WhatsApp, and Telegram which app do they trust in terms of privacy. Pretty sure they will pick Telegram every time.

900 Million Active Users Monthly

Telegram has grown beyond the borders of Russia, and according to the latest stats, it boasts over 900 million users monthly. Since its inception, the brothers have transferred Telegram’s headquarters across different jurisdictions, including Berlin and Dubai. All in search of a regime that does not advocate for government censorship and monitoring.

The Entire Program is Run by Just 15 Staff

You would think a multi-national company like Telegram has tens or even hundreds of staff working around the clock to keep it running. Well, it turns out the company has just 15 programmers on its payroll who keep the platform’s 900 million plus users enjoying it. Talk about a lean team running a big operation!

Today, Telegram has earned its place as one of the world’s most secure messaging platforms. There are few apps that can truly be said to belong in this category; another popular app is Signal.

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