Adding Speed Dial Feature to iOS 7 using Phontact

Adding Speed Dial Feature to iOS 7 using Phontact

One of the most amazing things about Jailbreaking is that you can virtually do anything with your device in iOS. Every day, the awesome developers from Cydia reveal that the user experience can always be optimized in innovative ways.

Recently Jailbreak launched a tweak called Phontact by iOS development team HASHBANG Productions. Apart from having a very good name that literally slips off the tongue, Phontact allows you to add speed dial ability by simply tapping the finger in different directions.

There was once a time, when people used to use their mobile phones for calling other people on the fly. With all of the gadgets and apps in the mobile phone, people have literally forgotten that the primary use of the mobile phone is still calling other people. Phontact is the best gadget for directly going into your contacts stored on speed-dial. If you are sick of going through several steps just to make a call, this app is brilliant for you.

Not only can you call the speed-dial contacts, with this app, you can also make FaceTime calls. With Phontact, you can add up to 4 contacts in your speed-dial list. This app is featured in iPhone 5S, it appears to work without any issues so far. This wonderful app costs just 99 cents when downloaded from the BigBoss Repo.  Make sure you download it, assign it a whirl, and provide your valuable feedback about the effectiveness of the product.

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