AlcoReharb is offering $6,000 worth of Scholarship

AlcoReharb is offering $6,000 worth of Scholarship

Are you looking for a scholarship to help cushion you and your family from the high tuition fees at institutions of higher learning? AlcoReharb gives scholarships of up to $6,000 each year to three lucky students.

Condition to apply for AlcoReharb Scholarship

No, you do not have to be an alcoholic enrolled to their rehabilitation program. As you may have already picked up from the name, AlcoReharb, is a rehabilitation center for individuals wanting to quit alcohol abuse.

The scholarship is actually an external scholarship, meaning open to any students not part of their program. The one condition that you must meet is that you must be currently a student, enrolled full-time in a U.S. institution for graduate or undergraduate program. That does not include U.S. territories.

Other conditions include; you must be an 18 years-old and older, a U.S. Citizen, National, Permanent Resident, Refugee, Asylees, Humanitarian Parolee, or Cuban-Haitian Entrants.

 In an email sent to Innov8tiv, AlcoReharb sets the minimum qualifications for students wishing to apply for the scholarship as follows:

The scholarship recipients will be selected through an essay contest, and essays are judged based on their originality and content. There no cost associated with submitting an application for this scholarship and the application period began on October 10.”

Guidelines for Writing the Essay

In an essay not exceeding 1,200 words, write about:

*How alcohol abuse and addiction affects the modern society?

*What steps can be taken to decrease the impact of alcohol abuse and addictions on people and society?

Successful applicants will be chosen based on the content in their essay. The selecting judges are looking for style and originality in the content of the essay. The essay should be logically organized and well-supported.

The application deadline is February 1st, 2017. To apply, click here.

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