Amazon Web Services Find New Avenues Beyond Developer Tools

Amazon Web Services Find New Avenues Beyond Developer Tools

The Amazon Web Services (AWS) is quite renowned for its developer services such as databases, cloud computing services, and storage. However, AWS has now changed its trend and now moving towards more productive tools meant for end users with innovative web-based services and release of Fire Phone.

The first step of Amazon in this market was Amazon Cloud Drive that was launched back in 2011. Although, there are no exact numbers to show its usage, yet it is doubted that many consumers ever signed up for it. It feels like the company is looking to reboot its efforts in the wake of its new Fire Phone launch. The efforts for the company are directed towards enterprise users under AWS label.

After Cloud Drive, the prospects have become quite dim in this space for Amazon. However, it launched an invite-only beta version of Amazon WorkSpaces that is a virtual desktop for enterprises introduced in March last year.  That project was related to virtualization rather than about the real web. With Zocalo, Amazon released a great competitor to Google Drive for Dropbox, complete with a web-based interface.

The focus of Amazon is still mostly on enterprises that doesn’t allow any free deals for consumers. While Amazon itself has provided some kind of web apps for its music and e-book service, Zocalo is a step in an entirely new direction. It is a step that most of the competitors of Amazon should be worried about. The launch of Fire Phone and new web services will certainly take Amazon to new avenues in market.


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