Applications For 2016 Unreasonable East Africa Now Open

Applications For 2016 Unreasonable East Africa Now Open

Are you an innovative social entrepreneur out there creating disruptive startup ideas that are changing the social and environmental landscape in your community? If you are based within the East African region, then this news is for you. The 2016 edition of the Unreasonable East Africa program is currently open.

The Unreasonable East Africa program is an accelerator program geared towards giving unreasonable advantages to startup social entrepreneurs; that are coming up with disruptive ideas to better the social and environmental standards of their community.

Like the previous Unreasonable East Africa competition, the 2016 program will also be in two parts; a lab and an institute.

The Unreasonable Lab will be open to entrepreneurs in Kampala, Uganda (entrepreneurs based outside Uganda are also eligible) in a 5-days program that will feature early stage startups. The Unreasonable Institute will be open to entrepreneurs across Uganda, Kenya, and Tanzania. It will be a 5-weeks program featuring companies that have demonstrated traction and potential to grow further.

All the entrepreneurs must be at least 18 years and older. The candidates must demonstrate Impact, Scalability, and Team Work among other social entrepreneurial qualities. The Unreasonable East Africa describes the program in the following words:

Do you refuse to allow any setback, any criticism, and any seemingly insurmountable obstacle to prevent you from measurably improving the lives of at least one million people? If so, welcome! We are excited to read your applications.”

Participating entrepreneurs that get nominated for the program will be taken through a mentorship course that will feature over 80 world-class mentors. They will also work closely with an in-house finance team, network with investors and join the growing exclusive community of more than 100 entrepreneurs from across 45 different countries.

If you are one such social entrepreneur that fits the above description and would like to benefit from the 2016 Unreasonable East Africa program, you have until December 4, 2015, to apply. Head on to their website to apply.

About Unreasonable East Africa Program

The program was incepted in 2013 and is currently working with 21 companies in Kenya, Uganda, South Sudan, and Tanzania. Collectively, the participating companies have raised more than $5 million.

The Global Unreasonable Institute (a Boulder accelerator based in Colorado, USA) also backs Unreasonable East Africa; that is working with over 120 companies across 45 different countries. Collectively the companies have raised more than $53 million.

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