The Artificial Intelligence startups companies from Africa to watch out

Artificial Intelligence startups

When I think of artificial intelligence, the first thing that comes to my head is the Cortana circle on my taskbar on a Windows 10 PC, or the Google Now on my Huawei smartphone. The point is, I think of this intelligent technology developed by offshore tech companies, the likes of Microsoft, Apple, Google, and Samsung.

Little did I know there are some developers (devs) from right here in Africa, who have made advanced artificial intelligence applications that are equally as incredible in their niche. Below are the top 6 artificial intelligence startups from Africa that place our continent on the AI-maps. A Nigeria-based startup that has developed a chatbot that enables users to make payments and send money to family and friends in Nigeria via messaging. This startup is a cohort of the Y-Combinator Winter 2017 graduates. The startup leverages on AI to understand user’s requests, drive conversations, understand their spending, and prevent fraud.

Clevva: South Africa-based startup using virtual advisors on AI platforms to advice sales and technical consultants. The service is widely used by big corporations such as banks, insurance, oil & gas, telecommunications, electronics, and software companies. Its main clients have a large number of staff handling sales, service, and operations.

DataProphet: This Cape Town, South Africa-based startup has several machine-learning interventions to its name, most of which apply to the finance and insurance sector. It also has a considerable number of industrial and fast-moving consumer goods clients to its portfolio, some of whom are international players.

Aerobatics: They develop AI systems for drones used in farming consultancy across South Africa, Australia, and the UK. The drones are used in analyzing processed maps and acquire actionable information that will identify problems in crops like wheat, sugarcane, macadamia nuts, and citrus. The company is thus able to come up with a variable fertilization rate application maps and forecast the yield from the crops.

Aajoh: This startup uses AI to help users diagnose various medical conditions by sending text, audio, and photographs. Although the startup does not purport to try and replace professional medical practitioners, however, they are confident it helps users get an affordable diagnosis of a possible ailment, prompting them to seek the right care. It offers AI-based solutions to financial institutions like banks and insurance companies. The solutions included a conversational user interface likened to a bot in its infancy that can match-make lead clients with available financial consultancy or brokers.

No doubt AI technology is making automation easier and cheaper for businesses. There is still much ground left to be covered outside across different industry other than finance, customer service, and agriculture.

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