Asus makes big attempt to out Razer as top gaming rig at the Computex 2018

computex 2018 asus zenbook pro

By the standards of what went down at the Computex 2018, Razer – the company that has made a big name in making gaming rigs – had little to no presentation. The company simply did not have much to display at the conference; especially when you look at what other companies like Asus had to offer. The company for one had a small booth for display, and in that booth, folks only had the new Razer keyboard to see.

The Computex 2018 convention, held in Taipei, gave us a highlight of what kind of laptops to expect next year. The best of which is the Asus dual-screen concept laptop. Asus also unveiled its latest Republic of Gamers (ROG) Phone, a smartphone build from the ground up for mobile gaming.

You may recall that Razer was the first OEM to release a mobile phone tailored for gaming. The Razer Phone came with 120Hz refresh rate. The screen refreshed at least twice as much as the iPhone X or the Galaxy S9. The phone makes for smoother browsing, watching, and most of all gaming. Users who have used the phone, have described the refresh rate hard to lose when you use it for a while then turn to the other phones.

However, the Razer Phone has just the display refresh rate tailored for gaming other features on the phone are more or less like any other high-end smartphone. At the Computex 2018, Asus took the mobile phone game rig a notch higher but unveiling a new Android-powered phone with the fastest processor and virtual sensors on the side making the phone virtually have shoulder buttons for richer gameplay. The side sensors make shooting easier in a game like Fortnite significantly easier.

The Asus phone also comes with TwinView case, making it a dual-screen smartphone. You can use one display for playing mobile games, while the other screen is streaming videos off YouTube.

The Asus Project Recog

We featured this dual-screen laptop a few days ago. The device also made the most headlines for Asus, but our favorite device launched by the company is the new ZenBook Pro.

Asus ZenBook Pro

According to Asus, the ZenBook Pro’s touchpad is intelligent. That might actually be true given it’s essentially a smartphone placed as a touchpad. The touchpad is a 5.5-inch 1,920×1,080 pixel display, which Asus has named ScreenPad.

You can use the ScreenPad to watch your videos or browse through social media while on the main laptop screen continue with your work. Asus has also fitted it with custom apps including ones that give you numkey functionality or can be used to control your music playback.

The Asus ScreenPad wants to give the MacBook Pro Touch Bar a run for its money, as the company works with Microsoft to bring in support of the Office suite.

The MSI Prestige PS42 ultrabook

MSI is an established brand synonymous for beastly gaming rigs. So it is fascinating to see the company attempt to produce a thinner and lighter laptop, and actually, pull it off. The 14-inch Prestige PS42 comes with an 8th-gen i7 CPU and the Nvidia MX150 graphics for ultimate light gaming while on the move.

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