Benefits of Recruiting Automation

Benefits of Recruiting Automation

Recruiting automation is a technology that allows recruiters to automate daily recruiting tasks. It is based on special tools and platforms for easier posting of vacancies, correspondence, and other small tasks faced by recruitment professionals. In other words, it is a combination of technology and human resources management that significantly increases the efficiency of recruiters’ work. In this article, we will discuss the main benefits of this technology.

1.  Automated Search for Applicants

Staying in touch with candidates is one of the most important aspects of a recruiter’s job. Indeed, candidate rediscovery is as important as first-time recruitment. Automation helps to follow updates in candidates’ work status in order not to lose the moment when they are available for new job offers. In addition, technologies are helpful in the creation of a database of candidates in which the so-called “sleeping” candidates would be included.

2.  Automated Job Posting

Instead of posting vacancies on multiple platforms manually, it is much easier for recruiters to do it in a centralised way. In other words, recruitment automation allows professionals to post on multiple job platforms simultaneously, update job postings, and close them when they are covered in a few clicks.

3.  Time Efficiency in Resume Screening

Recruiting automation is useful in avoiding time-consuming CV screening. One job post may evoke the interest of tens of applicants. So, it is much easier to screen their CVs with the use of technology than to search for the best candidate manually by reading all the CVs. It is especially important when there are only one or two recruiters, for whom it is physically impossible to review every CV in a limited time frame. For example, there is software for candidate pre-screening that allows to rank and grade candidates to pre-qualify for a job. In addition, planning tools of recruitment automation technologies allow scheduling meetings and interviews. Thus, such technologies save time for recruiters not only in CV screening.

4.  Unbiased Evaluation

Automation is useful if a recruiter wants to conduct unbiased interviews of candidates. As humans, even professionals in recruiting are somewhat biased against some applicants.

They may be influenced by similarity bias, confirmation bias, and other errors. Automation allows for the avoidance of such errors in the evaluation of candidates.

5.  Performance Prediction

Automation also involves such components as predictive analysis of employees’ performance. Thus, this function allows to correct the weaknesses in recruiting, leads to more efficient hiring decisions, and, accordingly, to better results in business.

6.  Scaling the Process

Finally, recruiting automation provides an opportunity of structuring the process in a smarter way. Naturally, technology cannot replace human recruiters but its proper use will definitely increase the scale of hiring. Thus, instead of focusing on manual day-to-day work, recruiters can develop their powerful human experiences and recruiting skills, for example, deeper conversations with applicants.

Evidently, recruitment automation is a useful complementary tool for professionals. At the same time, this list of the benefits of recruiting automation is not exclusive, there are many other advantages of technology. Visit CleverStaff’s blog for more information about recruiting automation.

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