Best Apps to Hide Your Photos and Videos in Android

Everyone has some private moments. With smartphones at our disposal, we love to take some photos which we don’t want everyone to see except for some special people. But when the special moment is over, most people forget to delete the photos from smartphones, only to be shocked and humiliated when friends or family find out while carelessly sifting through your vacation photos. You can hide photos and videos in Android with some great free apps. These apps will keep all the intruders at bay and will allow you to hide photos in Android for later use or just to be on the safe side.

How to Hide Photos and Videos in Android

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Gallery Lock

Gallery Lock is a great app to hide private photos in Android. It lets you put all the photos in a folder and hide it. It does not even show its icon on the menu so that no one else could open it. In order to open the app icon, you will have to type asterisk (*) your password and then press the call button in your phone. The general version of this app is free, but the complete version without ads costs around $4.


 Vaulty is another great and famous app to hide photos Android. It makes separate vaults, password protects galleries. It even takes a snapshot using the front facing camera of anyone who tries to intrude in your phone. How? It snapshots after 3 failed password attempts.


KeepSafe is another free Android app to hide photos in Android phone. You can install the app and set your PIN. You can easily sign in the app using this PIN, import photos from gallery to the app. But make sure to delete the imported photos from Gallery because the app does not delete them by itself. You can also set break-in alerts, make different folders in KeepSafe app.


PhotoVault is one of the best photo hiding apps in Android which lets you have complete privacy of your private photos. There are two types of galleries created by PhotoVault: public and private. In public gallery, you can put all the photos you have no problem revealing to others. But in the private gallery, which is secure and password protected, you should put the private photos.

PhotosVault costs $1.50.

These are some of the best apps to hide your photos and videos  in Android. Next time you hand over your phone to a friend or a family member, do it with confidence as they would never be able to sneak into your private photos if you have one of the above apps in your Android device. Share your feedback in comments.

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