Best Security Apps to Remove Bloatware from your Android Phone and Free up Space

Android is the most vulnerable mobile platform when it comes to security, malware and bloatware. Successive studies and researches have shown that millions of Android device around the world are either infected with viruses or on the verge or getting broken into. Android is based on Unix Identifiers, which are coupled with Java objects during the programming of apps. While Android gives the flexibility, apps, great user interface and freedom, it isn’t without a cost: malware and bloatware is just about everywhere in Android. You open a website, tap on someplace nasty and it will take you to Google Play Store, even install some random app in your phone. This shows how weak is the security system. But there are apps and tools which could make your Android phone virus free. You must install best security apps for Android in your phone if your phone is infected with bloatware, or if you feel that there is some malware or virus.

What is Bloatware

Bloatware is a form of app of software which takes up more space than it is supposed to. Result? Your phone running out of space mysteriously without you even knowing or installing anything heavy. With the under-mentioned apps, you can get rid of bloatware and viruses and get free space in your Android phone.

Here are the best security apps to protect your Android phone.

Best Apps to Remove Bloatware from Android

NoBloatware Free

NoBloatware Free is a great app to remove bloatware in your Android phone. It imbibes and drains all the system instances and apps from all the nooks and corners of your phones and lists them at one place. The rest is easy: just one tap and the junk is gone! You can also use the blacklist feature to stop intermittent recurrence of bloatware in case you install a new ROM.

System App Remover 

System app remover is a powerful bloatware killer, which doesn’t leave any bloatware, potential or active, in your phone. It, however, requires root access. Just launch the app and it will list all the apps that may pose a threat of are infected with bloatware. You can dig deeper to see the space, variables and data taken by each app and its sub-components.

Root App Deleter

Root App Deleter is also a great bloatware killer app for Android. It requires root access because it accesses the system level apps to root out all the bloatware hidden beneath. When you tap the System apps icon from the app’s interface, it will give you two options. The first is to opt for the Pro route, which will enable you to delete bloatware apps, system apps without any backup. The junior mode only disables system apps having bloatware temporarily and hides them.

These were some of the best security apps to disable bloatware in Android and get free space. Share your feedback in comments.

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