Bringing Your Game to the World

So you have an idea for a game? You have written everything out, you know what your game is going to be about. You know what the story of the game will be. You even know how the characters will interact and the emotions you want the players to feel. Congratulations because that is a huge step on the right path of getting your game to the people. Once you design the art and complete the coding, it will be time to let the people tell you what they think of your game. 

Making Sure Your Game Art is Right

The art of your game is very important. You do not want your game to look bad or not professionally done. No matter how good the story or feel of your game is, if the game does not look good, people will turn away from it. There are several ways you can go when it comes to game art. You can go with 3D, 2D, and several other options. Think about how you can make it unique — have a distinct color scheme, font, shape, and icon — while functional. Is important information readable and obvious? Do the colors/fonts/icons distract from that at all? 

Designing your games art may not be something in your wheelhouse. Thankfully there are plenty of game art outsourcing companies that can help you out if you want. They will help bring the art you want for your game to life. Even if you know what you are doing when it comes to art design, they can make your life so much easier and that could go a long in making the best possible game you can. If you reach out to a third party, it does not make your game any less yours. Remember, the company will do exactly what you tell them. It is still your game!

Marketing Your Game Well

Now that you have finished your game, it is time to get it out there. There are many ways you can get your game out there and get people playing it. You can make a draft of your game on all targeted game distribution pages. You can go the networking route by emailing game press, showcase your game in festivals, and attend conferences. Another option for marketing would be to get a big streamer or gamer to play your game. This may be expensive but if you can get a streamer to play your game, more likely than not, their followers will go and buy your game because their favorite streamer is playing it. The other option you can do is use social media to promote your game. Everyone uses it and if marketed correctly, they will see your ads.

In conclusion, it takes time and effort to get your game out there to the public. But once you have completely developed your game, use whatever resources you can to get it out there and have people play it. That is the only way your game will grow. There will be positive and negative feedback. Take each with a grain of salt and push through.

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