You can Download Videos to your Android Device using Opera Mini for Offline viewing

You can Download Videos to your Android Device using Opera Mini for Offline viewing

It is either we are becoming lazier by the years, or we just don’t have time to read through stuff anymore. Either way, we all agree that we get messages conveyed easily and faster through video than having to read through a bunch of text or view pictures.

It is for that reason that marketers are increasingly doing video ads, you now see them more and more on social media (read Facebook). The bottom line is, we like doing videos better than reading; because we are just lazy like that!

However, streaming videos does not come cheaply. That is why we wait until we get to the work Wi-Fi, school library Wi-Fi or whichever Wi-Fi we can piggyback on for free. That also means when we away from these Wi-Fi connections, we have to postpone our viewing pleasure until the next time we have access to them.

Opera Mini for Android

Unless of course, you have figured a work-a-around to this problem and downloaded the video to your mobile device for offline viewing. That usually entails installing third-party apps on your device or using some website on your desktop to help you get the videos for offline viewing.

Well, Opera Mini browser wants to spare you all the trouble. The next time you see a funny cat video posted by your friend on social media or other video platforms. That you would like to download for whichever reason, you can do so by browsing on Opera Mini; and you would not need another app to download the video. This Opera Mini feature works on video websites with no built-in media players.

How It Works

Just click play on the video

Select the folder you would like to save the video to and hit the ‘Download’ button.

When the download is complete, you can watch it later without needing an internet

You can even download a video while you are still playing it. Just tap the download icon at the top-right corner of your screen.

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