Can Finger taps and swipes on Touchscreen Device truly replace a Pen in your Hand for taking down notes?

Can Finger taps and swipes on Touchscreen Device truly replace a Pen in your Hand for taking down notes

When you look at the development with technology in the world right now, you would think primordial technology like the fountain pen, and ballpoint should only be seen when one goes to the museum. Yet somehow we see this small writing technology survived through the seasons. They were quite the revolutionary technology during its time; it was certainly a big upgrade from feathers and sticks that were being used earlier.

During an interview with the ABC News, Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella was asked about which technology he sees being obsolete in ten years. And he said the fountain pen. Now, a person in such a position in the tech industry must have a lot of information to make an informed judgment.

Though there is a group of people out there who strongly believe cursive writing. The sort of folks who walk with a pen in their chest pocket or get it as a gift for a loved one’s birthday. Never mind the fact that these days we hardly ever get a chance to use them; especially if you are already done with school. Perhaps when we need to sign a printed hard copy of a document typed on a computer.

Penmanship is still a marketable skill on your Resume

This might sound strange, but some employers (though few of them) require job applicants to render in their application in a handwritten document. That applies to the cover letter, of course! And the reasoning behind it is that they want to gauge the applicant’s spelling and grammar.

These days people rely on technology to proofread their work. Software applications such as Microsoft Word and Google Docs handles all our grammar and spelling mistakes. So we are rarely put in a situation where we need to improve on them.

Other than that, in college, high school or any institution of learning. Students have come to terms that during class when taking notes, writing down your notes using pen and paper sure is faster than typing. Though this may be debatable, the average computer user cannot type as fast as they can write.

So to keep up with the lecturer or teacher, the student will have to put away their tablet, laptop, or smartphone, and take a pen to write on a book.

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