How to Change System Font in Yosemite [Guide]

How to Change the System Font in Yosemite

OS X Yosemite has adopted the font of iOS i.e. Helvetica Neue. This font is optimized for Retina MacBook. This font might not be visible on the low resolution screens. When you set anything less than 12 font size, it looks fuzzy and blurry on non-Retina screens. The fonts appear great on MacBook Air, but they could have been better. I will tell you how to change system font in OS X Yosemite.

Change System Font in OS X Yosemite

Download Alternate Font First

We are referring to the system font instead of app font. Before installing a new font on OS X Yosemite, you need to make sure that it works. You can ensure this fact by searching for the fonts customized or tested on Yosemite. You will find the link for some of them below.

You can test plenty of fonts like open-source Fira. This font is designed to enhance readability on non-Retina displays. Another good font is San Francisco. This font is used by Apple in its new watch.

Installing System Fonts

You will not find the option of installing the fonts on your OS X Yosemite. Simple copy/paste option will work in this case. You need to extract your font files.

Now, you need to go to the /Library/Fonts folder. This is basically the library of the Macintosh HD drive. It is different from the one in your user folder. If you want to make sure that you go to the right folder, simply use the keyboard shortcut Cmd+Shift+G in the Finder. Paste in /Library/Fonts folder and hit Enter.

You will reach the place where all your system fonts are stored. You just need to drag your fonts from Downloads folder to their ultimate destination in the /Library/Fonts folder. As soon as you drag the fonts here, they will be activated automatically. Don’t drag more than one set at a time.

You are done with the installation of fonts. Logoff your machine and then Login again. You should see the updated fonts.

Uninstalling the Fonts

You have utilized the fonts and now, you want to remove them from the OS X Yosemite database of fonts. This process is again very simple. Simply remove the fonts’ files that you desire, from the library of fonts. Then, log off and log in again to reset the fonts to default settings.

It is obvious that you can change system font in OS X Yosemite pretty easily by utilizing some basic methods. You should explore the fonts that improve the readability of non-Retina displays.

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