Chinese Company wins tender to construct Hass Towers, Africa’s Tallest Building in Kenya

hass towers

Hass Petroleum Group has just concluded what it says to have been a rigorous tender system. The bidding process pitted international construction companies from Europe, Turkey and a couple from within China against each other. The China State Construction Engineering Corporation (CSEC) has emerged winner of the vetting process and is now set to embark on constructing the tallest building in Africa.

Hass Towers as it is called is expected to become an iconic mixed-use construction that will open its doors sometime in 2020. The building will house Grade A offices, a five-star Hilton hotel, entertainment complex and a luxury retail among others.

Hass Towers will rise 300 meters above the ground, beating the record held by the current tallest building in Africa, the Calton Center in South Africa that rises 223 meters tall. Hass Towers will have 67 floors, while the current tallest Calton Centers has 50 floors. CSEC is expected to commence construction of the Hass Towers foundation this April when the project will be launched officially.

It has not been an easy road. CSCES went through a rigorous tender system which they won over ten international companies including European, Turkish as well as other Chinese competitors.

Hass Group awarding the contract to CSCEC demonstrates a stronger growing economic partnership between the Chinese Government and the Kenyan Government and is a testament to Kenya’s economic and political stability. This project will give CSCEC a majestic entry point into Africa.” – Hass Petroleum Group Chairman Abdinassir Ali Hassan.

Li Mingguand, the VP of CSCEC Overseas Operations noted; “This will be the tallest building in Africa and become a landmark in Kenya. It is sure to drive regional development, promote economic growth, and attract more investment and tourism into Kenya. China State Construction understands the importance of this grand project and is honored to be chosen as the main contractor.”

CSEC is currently ranked as the biggest construction company in the world. The company has integrated construction and real estate conglomerate dealing with housing constructions, real estate development and investment, international contracting, infrastructure construction and investment, prospecting and design.

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