CNN launching a ‘Digital-First’ platform in Nigeria spearheaded by Stephanie Busari

CNN launching a ‘Digital-First’ platform in Nigeria spearheaded by Stephanie Busari

America’s Cable News Network (CNN) is rolling out a new multi-platform operation that will see the news network have a digital-first presence in Lagos, Nigeria.

This ‘digital-first’ program will be headed by Nigeria’s own Stephanie Busari as the Supervising Producer. As such, Busari will become CNN’s first responder as far as newsgathering and digital operations across Nigeria, and the larger Africa is concerned.

Stephanie Busari’s background

To return to Nigeria at such an important time in the country’s history is a proud and exciting moment for me,” said Busari in response to her new post. “This is such a vibrant country, full of possibilities, and as well as my broader remit looking at Africa as a whole this role will be about putting the many sides of Nigeria itself into sharper relief for the world.”

Busari, a native Yoruba speaker, first joined CNN back in 2008. Ever since, she has worked on some of CNN’s most prominent stories covering the African continent, with the most notable one being the role she played in CNN’s coverage of the kidnapped Chibok girls. Busari has worked alongside CNN’s Senior International Correspondents like Nima Elbagir.

Before becoming a multi-award winning journalist, Busari career kicked off at the New Nation, which wounded up operations. A media house targeting black and ethnic minorities in the UK. After which, she moved to the Daily Mirror, still based in the UK, where she covered the Northern Ireland.

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