ConceptLS: Amazing Cydget-Powered Lock Screen App for iOS 7 [Guide]

The appearance of lock screen is largely dependent on the mind set and need of the person using the device. Where some people prefer simple looking screen others are in dire favor and need of screens showing every possible option. In the world of soft technology, both types of lock screens can be found, and there is no dearth of options, features and appearances.

General Outlook

A Cydget-powered lock screen known as ConceptLS for iOS 7 surpasses every proposed solution be Apple. It proffers a clean, modern and simple and look. Moreover, it feels saturated with life and activity. It’s simple, easy and fun to get it running in no time. Comprehensively, a better solution than Apple has been brought to the scene.



Competitive Edge

The uniqueness and efficiency of ConceptLS lies in the fact that it’s simple to work with. In this regard, where other tweaks need the SSH tool, followed by the fiddle with multiple sorts of files and folders. The ConceptLS doesn’t need any of this. This factor gives it a competitive edge over others in the market. It simply has to be activated or deactivated with a few screen taps and there you go. Job done!




Considering the facet of features, ConceptLS lacks in that and proffers black and white theme to starters. Moreover, for a better outlook Bytafont 2 is employed. The weather option can be displayed both in Celsius and Fahrenheit and the magnitude of each unit scale keeps modifying itself with the change in weather for a particular area. For the weather of a particular area to be noted down, it is important that the required place is checked in. These options are quite basic for any user and ConceptLS has done a great job by not ignoring their incorporation.

How to Activate the New Lock Screen?

The following steps can be followed to enable ConceptLS:

  1. Open Settings
  2. Tap ‘Cydget’
  3. Tap ‘Lock Cydget Order’
  4. Check ‘ConceptLS’



Value and Price

The features this tool provides are worth praising, and something of the standard has to cost something. This features cost 2.99$ in the name of MacCiti repo in Cydia. This price is nothing as compared to the caliber of this feature. The effort that has been put in creating ‘ConceptLS’ can be seen by using this feature.

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