How to Copy YouTube Playlists from One Account to Another Account

How to Copy YouTube Playlists from One Account to Another

YouTube offers you a great chance to watch your favorite videos in the form of playlists created by others. But, have you ever thought that you can copy the playlists from some other person’s account into yours? YouTube doesn’t offer the feature to copy YouTube playlists between accounts by default. The same thing goes for the people who need to copy their playlists from one account to another. You will have to manually add all the videos again and again for creating playlists independently in all accounts. In this article, I will demonstrate how to copy YouTube playlists between accounts, by using a simple approach.

Copy  YouTube Playlists between Accounts

  • Launch your favorite browser.
  • Go to the link of a web app called as “Copy YouTube Playlists”.
  • You need to sign into the web app using your YouTube account. Simply click on the option of “Sign-in with YouTube” button to begin the process.

  • Once you are signed into your YouTube account, you are required to input the address of your playlist.

  • To get the address of the playlist, open YouTube in another tab and begin a new playlist search. You need to make sure to change the result type to “Playlist” to narrow down your search.

  • On the search results page, list of public playlists will come in front you that are shared by other users. Choose the playlist that you want to copy. Then, you need to locate “View full playlist” link. Right-click on that link and copy its URL.
  • The format of the URL should be in the following format.”.

  • Next, return to Copy YouTube Playlists. Then paste your playlist URL in the link field.

  • You can also copy your playlists privately by clicking on “Private Copy”. If you want to share your playlists publicly, click on the “Public Copy”.

  • You also need to wait a while the web app generates the copy of the said playlist. Once it is done, you will see the confirmation page containing the link to the copied playlist. Simply click the “Playlist” link for viewing your copied playlists.

That’s it and you have copied the links of your YouTube playlists. It is quite simple to copy YouTube playlists between accounts. You will have a one step solution to access your favorite playlists. Your favorite YouTube content will be there at one place in your account.

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