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CoSign – The App That Lets You Earn From Brand Referrals Shared on Social Media, Launches on Kickstarter

CoSign – The App That Lets You Earn From Brand Referrals Shared on Social Media, Launches on Kickstarter

Today’s world is a mobile-age world, where you can purchase virtually anything and everything from the convenience of your mobile device. From your mobile device, you can purchase wherever and whenever you so wish; buying things could not get easier.

Stats indicate that the vast majority of mobile device users are using their devices for social media engagement with family and friends. Users frequently share brands they like, have purchased or wish to purchase, on their social media accounts like Facebook and Twitter. Letting their friends and followers know, about this great product they have come across.

As a social media user, you certainly can bear witness of the number of times you came across a great product, one of your friends on Facebook and Twitter has shared. You liked that product, so much that you want to buy it. The problem is when you get down to searching for that product online, you find it impossible to zero in on that particular product. As soon as you start searching, the search result brings you a plethora of similar products, but not the particular product you saw shared on Facebook or Twitter.

Now, there is a great app dubbed CoSign, that will eliminate the detective work you go through, trying to forage for the product online. CoSign works by enabling users “tag” the product within images and videos they uploaded to social media. When a user CoSigns, they help other people get more information about the product like the retailer and cost. Thus helping friends and followers on social media connect with brands easily and make purchases directly from the media shared on social media.

The best part about using CoSign is that it allows you as the user who shared the product on social media to receive a monetary reward. Whenever one of your friends or followers makes purchase from the referral media you posted on social media, you get the cash reward.

With CoSign, users can easily buy a product they’ve seen shared on social media without the hustle of detective work that goes into play searching for the product online. Details on retailer and costs will be already provided. But unlike most companies, which don’t reward their customers for the word of mouth marketing they do, CoSign gives your monetary reward every time someone makes a purchase from referrals posted on social media.

How to start CoSigning and let your social media posts earn you money:

About CoSign

CoSign will be launching on Kickstarter today, October 17th, and the app will be available for download starting November 21st. You can view the beta version of the company’s website by following this link. To give your support on Kickstarter, follow this link.

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