Dodocase Offering 40% Off at All Products at Its Birthday: Get Promo Codes Here

DODOCase is perhaps the most famous gadgets manufacturer from the US. It is famous for its handmade cases for iPhone and iPad. The company is celebrating its sixth birthday and it has announced a 40% off on all its products. You can get cheap handsets, iPhone accessories, cases and covers from DodoCase at a very less cost this week. From the past two days, the company is offering 40% off at its iPhone and iPad cases. Following are the deals and respective promo codes for the Dodocase gadgets and cases. You will need these promo codes at the checkout of the Dodocase website.

40% Off Offer (Ending Today)

 The 40% off offer at all the products at Dodocase is valid till today, April, 19.

Here is the promo code which you will need at the checkout:


You can buy cases, phone covers, glass protectors and many other handmade cases for your iPhone or iPad.

30% Off Offer (Ending Thursday)

For the next two days, Wednesday and Thursday, you will get a 30% off at all the products. For this deal, you will need to use the following promo code at the checkout at the Dodocase website.


20% Off Offer (Ending Sunday)

From Friday this week, Dodocase will offer 20% off at all its products including handmade cases and gadgets for iPhone and iPad. This offer will last till Sunday. Here is the promo code which you will need to use to get 20% off.


What is special about Dodocase cases is that they are mostly made with leather and amazingly strong bookbinding material. You can also customize your order and add all sorts of different colors.

Many iPad cases are available. You should also check out the company’s new cases for iPad pro and other latest Apple devices.

You can also get gadgets for other devices like Samsung, Microsoft and other hardware.

Head over to Dodocase website and shop the products at a huge discount now.

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