Drink and Tell: Interesting iOS, Android Game To Find Out Dark Little Secrets of Your Friends

Every one of us secretly wishes to mine out the dark little secrets of their friends. We all have our secret little worlds in which we normally don’t allow others to intrude, but when it comes to friends, nothing remains a secret, right? A new Android and iOS app “Drink and Tell” is here to let you and your friends exchange secrets related to personal lives, sex, morality, general perception about society and much more. The idea of Drink and Tell stems from the real life, secret sharing games like ‘Spin the Bottle’, ‘Never Have I Ever’ and ‘Kings Cup’.



The app’s interface is pretty simple. You have five categories to choose: love, sex, ethics, personality and mortality. After selecting the category of your choice, you guess the possible answer by your friend for a question. If you are wrong, you will have to “Drink” and answer the questions hurled to you by your friends.


Drink and Tell is free, but if you want to add more questions categories, you will have to pay around $1. You can unlock categories like “Only for Adults”, “Would you Rather”, and reveal more secrets of your friends, obviously giving away yours too, as this game works on a two-way traffic, making things more interesting and full of fun.

Download Drink and Tell for iPhone and Android.


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