Egypt Football Association to introduce Video Assistant Referee (VAR) in Premier League matches

Egypt Football Association to introduce Video Assistant Referee (VAR) in Premier League matches

The EFA (Egyptian Football Association) has announced plans to introduce VAR (Video Assistant Referee) technology for its Premier League matches. This follows a public outcry following controversies in some of the top league matches in the country.

VAR, a next-level technology, was first used in a professional and official setup during the recent FIFA World Cup 2018 tournament in Russia. When rolled out in Egypt, the land of the Pharaohs will among the first countries, not just in Africa but the entire world to use this next-generation of football technology.

The EFA has contacted FIFA to begin practical steps to implement the Video Assistant Referee technology in Egyptian League games,” reads in part, a statement from the EFA.

This decision comes as the EFA, led by Chairman Hany Abou-Rida, is keen on supporting Egyptian referees and help them develop.

About the Video Assistant Referee

If you watch any of the matches in the recent FIFA World Cup 2018, you might have been aware that it was the first World Cup where VAR was being used. It was particularly helpful in settling controversial incidences such as during penalties and goals.

Though it was not used as much as some fans might have hoped for since for it to be used, that decision had to be made by the referee in consultation with the VAT technical team made up of assistant referees watching the replays.

According to FIFA, The VAR referee team support are consulted only in the four game-changing situations:

Only when the team sees a clear and obvious error related to the (potentially match-changing) situations illustrated above, do they alert the main referee to review his/her decision.

The EFA has come under scrutiny from the public in Egypt after errors by the referees have seriously compromised the success of a number of football clubs in the country. The authority had tried to implement VAR back in 2017, but its efforts failed since there was not adequate supporting technology. It also remains to be seen if EFA will get enough funding to get the VAR technology installed across stadia in Egypt.

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