Egypt is setting up a $255 million fully electric train running from Cairo to Al-Salam

egypt electric train funded by china

Egypt is said to be working on moving its administrative center from the capital Cairo to the metropolitan city of Al-Salam; eastwards of Cairo.

With all that commuting, you will expect many vehicles on the roads leading to traffic snarl ups. The government of Egypt is currently providing fuel subsidies to enable as many people as possible to be on the roads; no doubt, it is an expensive undertaking for the government.

Well, the Egyptian government has resolved to implement a sustainable and affordable alternative solution of constructing a modern fully electric railroad running between Cairo and Al-Salam. This undertaking will cost $255 million, much of which will be funded by China’s loan. The two countries have reached an understanding that the loan will be paid off over a period of 20 years.

When the electric railroad is up and running, some of the benefits the government will have include reduced need to subsidize fuel and less traffic on the roads. Experts say the government will save up to $130 million from fuel subsidies and ease of traffic snarl ups. Traffic jam on the highway linking Cairo and the Suez Canal (at Ismailia port city) will be reduced by as much as 30%. The train will have a capacity of transporting 340,000 people daily.

The construction of the said railway is planned to kick off within the next two to three months. That is according to Tarek Gamal Al-Din, the head of Egyptian National Authority for Tunnels.

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