Essential Technology for the Regular Business Traveller

Essential Technology for the Regular Business Traveller

Business travel has been revolutionised by technology in the last few decades. Not only has global travel become an affordable and regular occurrence for professionals around the world, but the experience can be significantly improved with the use of smart travel and entertainment technology.

As with any business travel, there are unavoidable moments of waiting and necessary periods spent aboard planes, trains or in a car. Preparing the right technology can help you to make more of these times, whether you prefer to stay productive or relax before you reach your destination. Let’s explore some of the essential technology that no regular business traveller should be without.

Smart Luggage

Long gone are the days of missing luggage and dragging hefty suitcases through an airport terminal. Smart luggage has revolutionised the way people travel, both for leisure and business. Suitcases and holdalls can now be equipped with GPS trackers, charging ports and digital locks – meaning that you can be more confident that you and your luggage will reach your destination safely. You don’t have to worry about your devices running out of battery either, helping you to stay connected on your journey.

Streaming Devices

Business travel of old would have forced you to leave your home comforts and favourite entertainment at home while you were away. Fortunately, now you can take your favourite TV shows, movies or entertainment with you wherever you go. Whether you’ve booked in for an extended stay in a London serviced apartment, or a shorter trip abroad – streaming devices let you access your go-to subscription platforms to watch while you are away. This is essential to help you relax in your downtime and recharge for the rest of your trip.


Every regular business traveller should have a trusted pair of headphones or earphones to use when travelling. You may be a fan of audiobooks, podcasts or music, all of which are more enjoyable with a quality pair of headphones. Some have features like noise-cancelling and Bluetooth connection giving you a seamless and quieter travel experience, particularly if you’re on busy public transport. It’s always recommended that you invest more in a good pair because they will last much longer than cheaper alternatives.

Portable Hard Drive

For those business travellers who work with large data files or digital projects – a portable hard drive is an absolute must. These devices are very slimline now and don’t add a lot of bulk to your luggage. However, they more than pull their weight when it comes to data storage and backing up your hardware. It may not be on your usual packing list, but consider how it could benefit you on your next trip.

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