Why Facebook had to pull the plug on Marketplace, a platform it launched barely 2 Days ago

Why Facebook had to pull the plug on Marketplace, a platform it launched barely 2 Days ago

On Monday, Facebook launched a new e-commerce platform Marketplace. A platform the social network launched with good intentions; a place where users wishing to sell or buy items from other users nearby.

However, despite its best intentions, Facebook had to pull the plugs on Marketplace. Taking the social networks steps behind in its quest to become an e-commerce platform to rival Craigslist and the rest.

The reason behind the hasty pulling down of Facebook Marketplace, was, almost as soon as it went live. It attracted the attention of as many weird vendors as it attracted the normal vendors. As usual, the weirdos carry the day as they always draw more attention and cast a big shadow over the normal.

Facebook Marketplace was quickly becoming the go-to place for illegal drugs, porn materials and services and even a pet hedgehog. Of course, that is nothing out of the ordinary looking at what is listed on Craigslist and other similar platforms. It just was not what Facebook wants to be known for. Hence, the hasty destruction of the just recently created platform.

Weren’t there check measures set up by Facebook?

Well, there were supposed to checks in place to ensure such content never makes it to being posted on the platform. However, as by Facebook’s own account, some technical issues and failures were leading to illegal items being listed on the platform.

In fact, Facebook’s policies to users wishing to post items up for sale on Marketplace list the code of conduct to using the platform.

We are working to fix the problem and will be closely monitoring our systems to ensure we are properly identifying and removing violations before giving more people access to Marketplace,” said Mary Ku, the Director of Product Management at Facebook.

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