Facebook rolling out funded shows under new ‘Watch tab’

facebook watch

Early in August, Facebook launched a new tab, Watch, where it plans to showcase new funded shows. Facebook says the new platform is for all creators and publishers of video-based content to their audience. Facebook’s goal is to create a community of video watchers on the social networking platform and while at it make money.

Users will discover new videos based on the communities they ascribe to and what their friends are viewing. Facebook in a post said, “As more and more people enjoy this experience, we’ve learned that people like the serendipity of discovering videos in News Feed, but they also want a dedicated place they can go watch videos.”

Daniel Danker, the Director of Product at Facebook says, “Watch will be available on mobile, desktop, and laptop and in our TV apps.”

Facebook has officially begun rolling out the new Watch tab and featuring paid shows on the platform. Already, two new shows are debuting on the platform:

The Great Cheese Hunt

It’s Cool, But Does It Really Work?

Attn, a publisher of news and issues, has premiered ‘We Need To Talk’ on Thursday and ‘Health Hacks’ on Friday. Food video giant, Tastemade, is also debuting four shows, ‘Food to Die For,’ ‘Kitchen Little,’ ‘Safe Deposit,’ and ‘Struggle Meals.’

To kickstart the new Watch tab, Facebook is said to have inked a deal with Mashable and Tastemade among other 30 different content publishers.

We’re excited to see how creators and publishers use shows to connect with their fans and community,” said Facebook in a blog post.

The watch will be introduced to a small group of people across the United States before rolling it out to everyone soon afterward.

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