Facebook’s Messenger Kids app gets a Sleep Mode since you can’t spank your kid to go to bed anymore

At the risk of sounding like my parents, today’s kids are hard to deal with, they know so much, so fast, and at such tender age compared to the kids in the old days (who are probably today’s parents). That aside, last December, Facebook launched the Messenger Kids app for the under 13 guys in the household.

Though it was marred with controversy including critiques arguing that it is a gateway to the addiction that is Facebook and social media in general. There were also more immediate concerns like having your kids talking to strangers online; and the way creeps are lurking online, which parent would wish their kid to be online unsupervised?

The fact is, your kids will still find a way to go online and social media anyway, and the way the main Facebook platform is designed. You as the parent will have little to no control of who, what times, and about what your kids talk to people on the social network. At least that’s the kind of justification the social network gave when rolling out the app.

True to their word, Messenger Kids does like a win-win situation in the deadlock that was parents don’t want their kids to go on Facebook, while kids just dying to get on the platform and would probably find a way behind their parents back to get there.

Now the app, Messenger Kids, has gotten a new tool to give parents more say in their kid’s ‘Facebook time.’ The feature, Sleep Mode, sets the time during which the kids are allowed to communicate with family and friends on the platform. As a parent, you can now decide what time your kid should put down their smartphone or tablet and get to other things like doing their homework, brushing their teeth, and getting to bed.

Assuming you had already configured your child’s Facebook account to your main Facebook account. You simply need to open the Facebook app on your phone and tap on the child’s name. You can then proceed to create the sleep mode; you can choose different times for weekdays and weekends. If your kid tries to use the app after the set time for sleep mode, they will get a message display on the app that it is currently sleep time, and that they should try accessing the app later.

The sleep mode is found at the same control panel where the parent gets to add or remove a contact to their kids Facebook friends list.

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