File can’t be copied too large for the volume’s format: Fixed

File can’t be copied too large for the volume’s format

Have you noticed you keep getting the error message File can’t be copied too large for the volume’s format? Well, that is caused by the fact you are transferring a file 4GB or larger in size to external storage with FAT32 format.

Apparently, FAT32 volumes cannot store files larger than 4GB. The only solution would be to reformat the external storage using a different file format; exFAT and NTFS come highly recommended.

Caution: Before you format the external storage, ensure you have backed up the data stored therein

Formatting in exFAT

exFAT file system comes highly recommended as it also compatible (not just with Windows) but also Mac OS X. That means using the same external storage across multiple PCs and Mac computers will be hustle-free.

FYI – I meant to say Windows 7 and Mac OS 10.6.6 and higher versions. Older versions will require a patch installed to be exFAT compatible. You might also want to know that exFAT is not compatible with a number of host devices such as TV, gaming consoles, car stereos, and others.

Formatting in NTFS

You should know formatting your storage device into NTFS will make it unwritable on a Mac. Though the majority of Mac will read NTFS, they will not write on it.

Then there is the other major issue of NTFS creating a lot read/write activities, and that reduces the life expectancy of the storage. You will also need to use the ‘Safely Remove Hardware’ feature each time you want to unplug it from a machine.

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