How to Find Lost iPhone Using Find My iPhone App along with iCloud

How to Find Lost iPhone Using Find My iPhone App along with iCloud

Millions of people have an easy access to the online purchase of attractive and entertaining apps and software from various apps stores. This is mainly done through the following three major channels:  Android Play store, Apple App store and Windows market, these three giants have made their best to cooperate with their users in the unfortunate event a user losses their iPhone. To further improve their assistance in such an event, they have now availed the Find My iPhone app which when activated can easily locate your device. With this app it hardly takes five to six minutes to find your lost device which has an Apple ID and very impotently has the iCloud account. The process is simpler and prompt and can save you a lot of headaches over your lost device. The good news here is that you can easily switch to iCloud using your Google play account, with a little effort on your part. The Find My iPhone service brings up a Google Map and plans the locations of each of your registered iOS devices.

Also the free iOS app Find My iPhone, and iOS device can be stalked using a web browser on your computer. This means that a lost iOS device can be located from anywhere with just iCloud login identifications.

Set up your iPhone or other iOS device 

1. Route to Settings -> iCloud

2. Sign in using your Apple ID to proceed.

3. Once logged in, roll down to Find My iPhone

ON (green slider)

To see many iOS devices at the same time under the same iCloud account, just configure all your devices using the same Apple ID.

Make sure you have signed up and enabled iCloud on the device. You can sign up for an iCloud account from Settings, or if you already have an account connected, scroll down and ensure Find My iPhone is enabled because by default it isn’t enabled. You will see a list of devices registered to your account, and location discovery start after this operation. Click on the correct device once it’s been located properly.

All these facilities doesn’t free you from the responsibilities of your phone, but it provides an additional security purpose and permit to relax and have a free feeling. The current location information and battery strength will automatically appear in a pop-up window. From here, you can make your device make some sort of noise and make some signals or take other steps to secure your data. Lost Mode will trail the device and put contact messages on the front display. There is also an Erase option which remove all the personal data, preventing it from falling into the wrong hands.

You should note that last known location of the lost iPhone can be displayed if your phone turns off due to some reason or the battery is dead. Unfortunately, if Location Services are switched off on the lost device, entering the Lost Mode will re-enable Location Services for a short time period to track the device.

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