Fix Bluetooth Volume Extremely Low in Samsung Galaxy S8

Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8+ phones’ users are experiencing the issue that when their phones are used on Bluetooth devices, the volume lowers to about half than the original. These S8 model phones are running Bluetooth 5, a newer version that might not be used by other devices that are attempted to be paired, finally resulting in a problem. Using other equalizers does not solve the problem. It only allows one to increase loudness which does not amplify the actual sound. Whether Bluetooth device is wireless speaker, headphones or car audio, all have extremely low volume levels. Some users say it is a hardware bug while others consider it to be a software issue. Issue has been discussed on several forums and solutions have been suggested by the users. Here are mentioned a few of them:

  • Enabling “Media Volume Sync” fixes the problem of low Bluetooth volume. To enable it, go to Settings > Connections > Bluetooth. Tap the three-dot menu icon in the right corner of the screen. Tap Media Volume Sync and then tap “Toggle switch” in the top right corner of the screen to turn Media Volume Sync ON and OFF as desired.

  • Download equalizer “fx pro” and when app is opened, disable it at the top. The issue gets solved.
  • Tapping the gear icon beside the problem device in Bluetooth Settings and checking if call Audio is on fixed the issue for some users.
  • According to several users, it is an issue with the update and downgrading to the previous OS version solves the problem.
  • Rooting the phone.
  • Toggle the developer options setting “Disable absolute volume”.

  • Unpair all the Bluetooth devices, turn off and back on the Bluetooth. Reconnect a device. Go to Settings for that device and make sure both media audio and call audio are checked. Bluetooth volume stays the same as the original level.
  • Check if device’s Bluetooth volume is synchronized with the mobile’s Bluetooth volume. Maximize Bluetooth volume to full and then increase Bluetooth volume of device to maximum. This brings both mobile Bluetooth volume and device’s volume in sync. After this, increasing or decreasing volume on device changes mobile Bluetooth volume accordingly.
  • Download the latest firmware and flash it with a complete reset of the phone. This was tested on Samsung Galaxy S8+ and issue was fixed.

The firmware details: SM-G955F/DBT/G955FXXU1CRC7/G955FOXM1CRC7/G955FXXU1CRC7/G955FXXU1CRC7

Model: SM-G955F
OS: Oreo (Android 8.0.0)

  • Check for the updates on both phone and Bluetooth device.
  • Enter the device to Safe Mode. If the device works properly in this mode, that means installed app causes the issue. Uninstall the most recently downloaded app and then test.
  • Clear data and cache on Bluetooth application manager > Home > Apps > Settings > Device > Application manager > scroll to the left till “All” > search for Bluetooth > Clear data and cache. Reboot the device.

Reset network settings including those for Wi-Fi, Mobile data and Bluetooth.

  • Some users suggest that Soundalive is the main culprit of the issue. To solve the issue, purchase Package Disabler and disable Soundalive. Any equalizer app that is used is default now and Bluetooth volume does not get lowered.

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