Fix Find my iPhone Says All Devices Offline While They Are not Offline

Find my iPhone is a great tool in Apple devices to prevent theft and increase security of iPhones and iPads. But a lot of users are facing a problem related to this feature. Find my iPhone says offline even when all the devices related to the account are not offline. There are different ways to fix find my iPhone saying offline.

Fix Find my iPhone Says All Devices Offline

Make sure your location services are set to ON. Now go to Settings and head over to iCloud. Here, you should make sure that “Find my iPhone” is set to ON. If this feature is turned off your find my iPhone account will show devices as offline.

2- Most of the times find my iPhone shows offline devices when devices are turned off. Sometimes users don’t have enough battery charged on their devices. Therefore, make sure that your devices are on.

3- In many cases find my iPhone goes off the radar for many devices when SIM cards are not receiving signals. If your device is at a place where there are low signals, you will keep seeing find my iPhone to off. Similarly, if your device was stolen and you reported it to your cellular provider, they would have blocked your sim card. This would result in find my iPhone disability.

4- Find My iPhone feature basically works on the basis of iCloud. So make sure your iCloud is turned on and synched with the devices with which the feature is linked.

This is how to fix find my iPhone says all devices offline. If your problem is still not solved, tell us in the comments below and we will be back with another solution.

Fahad Saleem

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