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Fix Google Now Can’t Reach your Feed at the Moment

Google Pixel along with other Android users are persistently facing problem in Google Now App which continuously throws an error that “Google Now can’t reach the feed at the moment.” The internet is working fine on the phone; everything seems to be working except for Google Now’s feed. Google utilizes information from your device and from other Google products to decide what to show in your feed. The feed has countless features if you take time to customize it. Below are some solutions you can try to sort out the problem.

Fix Google Now Can’t Reach your Feed at the Moment

Application Update

Updating the App enables you to use the latest features of an App and removes any bugs and errors. Go to Google Play Store, check if there is any update available and update your Google Now App to the latest version. Now, restart your device. This may resolve the issue.

Uninstall Updates

Go to

your phone’s Settings, then go to Apps and scroll down to Google App. On the top right corner, tap on the menu icon (three vertical dots) and select Uninstall Updates. When prompted to uninstall all updates, tap OK. Then, tap OK again when prompted to replace the App with factory settings. Restart your phone and hopefully the feed will work perfectly fine now.

Clear All Data

Go to your phone’s Settings, then go to Apps

and select Google. Now, scroll down to Storage, select Clear Cache and tap on Manage Space. Finally, select Clear All Data to reset the App to factory settings and restart your phone. All the preferences and personalization will be reset to original.

Delete Card/Feed Preferences

To resolve the Google Now App’s feed error, go to your phone’s Settings and scroll down to Your Feed. Next, select Delete Card Preferences or Delete Feed Preferences and tap Delete when prompted to delete card/feed customizations. This will automatically disable News Feed and enable it again. If the News Feed is not automatically enabled again, turn it on.

Google Account

To resolve the above stated issue, you can check if your Google Account is connected to the Google Now App. Keep your account signed in on the App. Moreover, make sure only one account is connected to the App as having multiple Google accounts signed in can cause confusion and lead to the glitch of Google Now’s feed.

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