Fix HDMI No Signal on New Android MXQ OTT Box

Users of new Android MXQ OTT Box are facing the issue that when they connect their box to the TV through HDMI cable, it shows error of no signals. The box works perfectly fine with the A/V cable but not via HDMI cable. The users are stating that the issue is due to the box not their TV as other devices are functional through HDMI cable on the same port. Furthermore, the HDMI Auto Detection of the box is set to ON and 720p but it can’t be altered. Below are the solutions you can try to fix HDMI no signal on new Android MXQ OTT Box.

Turn Off HDMI Auto Detection

You will have to hard reset the device. To hard reset the Android MXQ OTT box, press the reset button on the box for few seconds until the device restarts. When the device will restart, go to Setup to enter the configuration settings immediately after boot up screen. In the configuration settings, turn off the HDMI Auto Detection and manually set them. The preferred settings to solve HDMI no signal on new Android MXQ OTT box can be to set it to 1080p at 60 Hz but this setting will depend on your TV. Make sure the settings you set manually are compatible with your TV otherwise the issue will persist.

HDMI Cable

The first and foremost thing is to check the HDMI connection. Make sure that both ends of the HDMI cable are plugged in properly into your TV, with the other end into Android MXQ OTT box. At times you may have to apply some pressure to the HDMI cable to fully and securely enter it into the port.

Moreover, to fix HDMI no signal on new Android MXQ OTT box ensure that you have chosen the correct HDMI source on your TV as usually the TV has more than one HDMI channel. Browse through all the HDMI channels to check if the screen is active on one of them.


If your TV is 4K compatible, then please note that 99% of the 4K TVs only have one 4K compatible HDMI port; this is mostly HDMI port number one. For example, if your 4K TV has four HDMI ports labelled HDMI1, HDMI2, HDMI3, HDMI4; three out of four HDMI ports are commonly not 4K compatible. Refer to your TV’s manual to check which port is 4K compatible. This should resolve the HDMI no signal on new Android MXQ OTT box issue.

Another common mistake that users usually make is that they change the resolution of the Android MXQ OTT box to 4K, but if your TV is not 4K TV then this can cause the issue of HDMI no signal on new Android MXQ OTT box.


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