Fix Home Button, App Switcher Not Working in Google Pixel Phones

Google Pixel is an excellent Android phone which is getting a lot of popularity. But a lot of users are reporting a problem. Hundreds of reports suggest that home button and app switcher doesn’t work in Google Pixel. No matter how many times you press the home button or app switcher, the buttons just don’t work. They get clicked and tap, and produces sound. But they don’t register the tap and nothing happens.

Fix Home Button Not Working in Google Pixel Phones: 3 Ways

1- The best way to fix Home button, app switcher not working in Google Pixel Android is to follow a workaround. This workaround has solved the issue for thousands of people. Just follow the steps given below.

Go to Google Play store and install Nova launcher in your Pixel phone. If you can’t open play store because of a faulty home button, type “Nova launcher APK” in your browser and download the app from there.

Open Nova launcher, tap and hold on an empty part of the screen and find the “Activities” widget. Drag it to an empty place on the screen. Now scroll down and head over to setup wizard and hold to SetupWizardUpgradeActivity, click and go through the activity.

That’s it. This will fix the Home button not working issue in Pixel. This means the issue was stemming from Pixel launcher. The best thing about this fix is that if you switch back to the Pixel launcher from Nova launcher, the problem won’t come back.

2- Factory resetting seems to fix home button not working in Google Pixel phone issues. But before you factory reset, don’t forget to take a backup.

3- A lot users say that their home button and app switcher in Google Pixel stopped working when they installed some third party app. If you started facing this problem, try to remember which app you installed recently. Delete that app from your device and they try the home button and app switcher. If you are not aware of the specific apps which may be faulty, try booting your phone in safe mode.

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