Fix Missing Battery Icon on your Windows 10 Taskbar

Fix Missing Battery Icon on your Windows 10 Taskbar

There are times Windows 10 running on my laptop acts up and go completely wild. Like this morning, I turned it on, and I noticed the battery icon that is usually located on the right side of the Taskbar is missing.

I even clicked on the ‘Show hidden icons’ but nothing, the battery icon was not there. That is not the first time I encountered this oddity, and it is pretty inconveniencing especially when I am working on my laptop with the wall power outlet not near. So I don’t know how to time myself with regards to when I need to start moving near the power outlet. Something that is very important on aging Windows PCs since they tend to lose their battery life calibration as they age.

Your laptop can easily die on you when the battery level is at 10%; instead of waiting until it drops to 3% before it goes to hibernation mode.

How to fix missing Battery Icon

The first thing you should always try when your Windows PC is acting up is to restart the damn machine. Sometimes the issue could just be a bug in the system, and a simple reboot can fix the situation.

In most cases with missing battery icon, a restart always fix the situation for me. However, restarting your computer is not always an option. There are times you are running programs that you wouldn’t want to stop. If that’s you, the read ahead for tips on how to get back the missing battery icon on Windows 10 PCs.

Point to the Taskbar (anywhere without an icon) and the right-click. A jump-list will pop up and on it go to Settings.

Next, click on Turn system icons on or off.

Toggle the Power option to on

The battery icon should now be seen in the system tray on the Taskbar once again.

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