Fix Notification Bar Stuck on Half of the iPhone Screen Covering It: How to Hide Notification Bar

A lot of iPhone users are facing a problem in which their notification bar is stuck halfway on the screen. The appearance of the notification bar on the screen makes it impossible for the users to use the iPhone as all the buttons are covered by the bar. It’s also impossible to turn off the iPhone using the buttons because to turn off your iPhone you have to slide the bar to turn off and this bar is covered by the notification bar.

Fix Notification Bar Stuck on Half of the iPhone Screen

1- The first fix you should try is to hard-reboot your phone. Rebooting iPhone always fixes the notification bar on halfway on the screen problem. This will also hide the notification bar from the screen. In order to reboot your iPhone, press and hold the home button with the power button. Keep pressing until your iPhone reboots.

2- Some users might find it impossible to practice the above fix because their home button doesn’t work. If the home button on your iPhone is not working, there is a workaround for that. Launch Settings in your iPhone and head over to the “General” section and then go to Accessibility > AssistiveTouch and activate the AssistiveTouch toggle. You will now see a gray box with a circle on it. Tap on it and then press and hold the digital home button. This is a way to make a virtual home button which could be tapped to take the work of the physical home button.

If you cannot make a virtual home button, wait for your iPhone’s battery to die or open your iPhone and take out the battery with the help of a technician and then put it inside. Like I said, just a reboot will fix the problem of notification bar stuck on half of the iPhone screen problem.

If you are still unable to solve the problem, tell us in the comments and we will be back with another solution.

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