Fix Samsung Galaxy S6 Screen Unresponsive and Not Working

A lot of users of Samsung Galaxy S6 complain of a problem in which their screen goes unresponsive. The touch screen of Samsung Galaxy S6 becomes unresponsive in cases when users receive a call or when they use an app. Most of the problems related to unresponsive screen in Samsung Galaxy S6 are reported by the users of T-Mobile service. In this article we will talk about solutions to fix unresponsive screen of S6. If your S6 screen is not responding, follow the steps below.

Fix Samsung Galaxy S6 Screen Unresponsive and Not Working

1- Open your phone keypad and dial this number: *#2663# and hit the green phone button.

You will see a black screen. On that screen press Touch key FW update. This will solve the problem of Galaxy S6 screen not responding.

Basically*#2663# opens the firmware version page from where you can update your firmware and make a slight tweak. This is why dialing the above code works.

2- There are several apps which are known to cause Samsung Galaxy S6 touch screen not responding problem. For example, several users were able to fix the problem by uninstalling Handcent SMS, or the new Next SMS apps. In order to make sure if the touch screen problem is coming because of apps, reboot your phone in safe mode. If the touch screen works fine, know that the problem is because of some app. Delete all the malicious apps.

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