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Fix Uninstalled Apps Using Mobile Data

Apps are becoming data hogs, using our cellular data at enormous rates. With increasing features and capabilities, the data requirements of apps are also increasing. Cellular data is not cheap. That’s why every MB of data should be accounted for. A lot of users report that even when they uninstall certain apps, their cellular data keeps getting allocated to those apps.  Uninstalled apps using cellular data is becoming extremely common these days. You can check which apps are using your data by going to  Settings > Cellular Data Usage.

The most common reason behind uninstalled apps using cellular data is iCloud. iCloud drive keeps using cellular data for backups. The apps you delete in your iPhone take a while to be completely wiped off. Immediately turning off iCloud cellular data is a great solution prevent uninstall apps from eating your data.  Open settings and go to iCloud. Now open iCloud drive and you will see an option “Use Cellular Data”. Turn this option off.

A very interesting theory about uninstalled apps using cellular data is that the number showed under the “uninstalled apps” tab is actually the sum total data that apps you’ve uninstalled from your iPhone have used since the last time you pressed the “Reset Statistics” button.  That means uninstalled apps are not using your data. The number you see is just from the past and its purpose is to show you the data those uninstalled apps used before getting deleted.

In order to make sure uninstalled apps are not eating your cellular data, always hit “Reset Statistics” button after deleting an app.

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