Forgot iPhone Passcode: How To Recover and Restore Everything

Forgot iPhone Passcode: How To Recover and Restore Everything

If you forgot iPhone or iPad passcode and frantically looking about what to do next, Keep you calm and relax, you haven’t lost everything and there are options which can get you back to your data and device of course. Here’s the deal: if you want to get all your  data stored in your iPhone or iPad no matter what, once you do that, you will have to restore your device, that is what Apple force us to do.

But there are two options: If you have a habit of syncing your iTunes with your device, you can backup all the data easily. But if you haven’t synced your iTunes with your iPhone or iPad, you can still recover the data by following the second heading which we have written for this case. First, let’s see how to proceed if you have synced iTunes.

Forgot iPhone Passcode and Device is Synched with iTunes

Connect your iPhone with your Mac/PC (remember to connect to that computer with which you normally do). This way, the system will remember you and will not ask you the passcode.

If it still asks you the passcode that means the syncing with iTunes is not done properly. You must refer to the other part of this guide which is for getting device backup for the users who have not synced iTunes with their devices.

Now, if the device is not synced automatically, you can click ‘Synch’ to continue the process manually.

After syncing and backup, click Restore iPhone/iPad from the screen option.

Now the setup assistant will ask you about backup options. You must choose ‘Restore from iTunes’, because we assume here that you can your data backed up in iTunes. This is the best option to go for if you forgot your iPhone passcode.

You should now select your device from the list in order to restore.

This is what do to if you forgot your iPhone passcode. Everything will be restored back to your iPhone.

For the users who don’t have synched iTunes account with their device, follow the steps given below:

 Forgot iPhone Passcode and Device is not Synched with iTunes

If you connect your iPhone or iPad with your computer/Mac and see messages like this: “iTunes could not connect to iPhone because it is locked with passcode” OR “you haven’t chosen to trust iTunes with this computer”, understand that your computer does not recognize your iPhone and you will have to dig deeper into complex steps to restore data if you forgot iPhone passcode.

The only option is to boot iPhone/iPad in recovery mode. How to do that? See below.

Unplug your iPhone/iPad from your computer/Mac

Press and Hold Power button of your device. A slider will appear, slide it to power off.

Now hold the Home button and plug-in the USB (while holding the Home button). Keep holding the home button and you will see iTunes icon with a USB plug icon. Now release the Home button.

Launch iTunes in your computer (if not launched automatically) and it will show that an iPhone/iPad is found in recovery mode. You can recover your device easily now.  Click ‘Ok’ on the dialogue box.


Now recover and restore your device from iTunes.

This is the best options to go for if you forgot iPhone passcode and looking to restore and recover. You can never make you way in your device with some random ways. This is the only valid way Apple has given us. Let us know in the comments in case you get any problems

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