Free Code Camp releases Report on the Demographics of Self-Taught Coders

Free Code Camp releases Report on the Demographics of Self-Taught Coders

We have featured numerous free online coding lessons sites before; other tech blogs have featured more. I can bet more will come up, and we will talk about them. However, has it ever cross your mind just how many people do sign up for these free tutor-yourself-coding-classes?

Well, Free Code Camp (another online platform for learning coding for free) did a survey of 15,624 students taking their coding lessons. The survey was in regards to their demographics among other categorization.

The report unveiled (not surprising) few women take up the free coding classes compared to men. Women’s ration to men stands at 1 to 5. Another interesting revelation is few of these self-taught coders (18% to be exact) would like to work for startups.

38% said they were not interested in pursuing specialization in UX, things to do with a backend or any other disciplines that might make them revisit the lessons later.

The majority of these self-taught coders come from the U.S., followed by India and a long tail of other countries from all over the world numbering up to 167.

The Free Code Camp will officially release this report in a few weeks’ time, but if patience in not one of your virtues. Click here to view the report.

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