How to Get Rid of Annoying Popups, Ads While Browsing in Android (Chrome and All Browsers)

Annoying ads and popups don’t ever stop appearing while browsing on Android, no matter what browser you use. Millions of users are plagued by the problem of pop-up ads, malware on browsers like Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari and Internet Explorer. These popups ads will have messages like ‘Warning: your mobile is not protected’ or ‘There is a virus in your Android (device model), click here to clean your phone’ etc. These useless popups are nothing but a way to get clicks and attention. There are a few tips which can stop popup ads on Android during browsing.

Use Opera Browser

Here is a pro tip: if you want to never see ads or popup ads, use Opera browser on Android. This browser has a built-in adblocker, which kills all the virus popups and ads.

Delete All Bad Apps

First things first, delete all those apps which have bad reviews, and about whom you suspect that they are not famous and trustworthy enough. Unfortunately, Google Play and Play Store are full of apps which are not safe for the phone. Once they make way in your phone, they bombard it with ads and popups. One of the most known apps which is reportedly creating malware and virus ads for users in Android phones is Mp3 downloader. So keep an eye for this and all the related apps.

Use Chrome Extensions to Block Adware

You should use some good Chrome extensions to block malware and adware. Check out our article on some of the best Chrome extensions to stop popup ads.

Use Browser Settings

Every browser has a settings section, and in that section, there is always an option to block popups. For example, in Chrome, go to settings and then go to ‘Advanced’ and then enable ‘block popups’ option. Or head over to Site Settings -> Pop-ups and enable ‘Pop-ups Block (recommended)’ option.

Use Data Saver Mode

Google Chrome has a great option known as the Data Saver mode. When enabled, Data Saver keeps the browser from allowing anything extra, that is, anything that is no asked by the user, like ads, popups, malware and banners. You should turn on the data saver mode to stop popups in Android browsers. Launch Chrome and go to Settings. Scroll down and go to Data Saver mode and toggle the option to on.

Install and AdBlocker

Installing Adblockers is another useful option to stop popups and virus ads on Android.

Clear Browser Data

Clearing data in browser also helps in deleting  some virus-based malware that install themselves in your browser’s temporary data and keep showing the same ads and popups again and again even after you pressed that cross button. Here is how to clear data for Google Chrome.

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